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Taiwan Tourism Bureau Singapore Office – Information & Redemption Service

Office open as usual from 9am – 5pm on weekdays

Office Info:

We are open from Mondays to Fridays, 9am to 5pm, excluding weekends and public holidays. Our office is located at Chevron House #10-01, 30 Raffles Place, S(048622). You can reach us at 6223-6546 or email us at for enquiries relating to travelling in Taiwan or freebie giveaways. Do bring along a photo identification card to exchange for a visitor’s pass at the security counter.


Please note that stock for our current freebie is running low. Kindly call us at 6223-6546 for the latest freebie giveaway and availability to avoid disappointment. Thank you so much for your support!

Kindly refer to: for more information.

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rental of apartments and unlicensed private tours are not legally permitted in Taiwan!

All visitors travelling to Taiwan, do note that rental of apartments and unlicensed private tours are not legally permitted in Taiwan!

Do note that Airbnb apartments are not registered with the Taiwan government and are not legally permitted. We would strongly advise tourists to opt for accommodation options which are official to prevent any unfortunate travel incidences from happening. E.g. Hotels and Minsu

Private bus tours are also not legally permitted by the Taiwan government and we strongly dissuade tourists to not sign up for any of these private bus tours.

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Countdown to 2016!

Get ready to party in one of the biggest event of the year as we all dance and celebrate as we await the upcoming of 2016! Watch Taipei’s iconic 101 building transform into a gigantic countdown clock as it lights up floor by floor from the bottom as the 2016 approaches. Be awed by one of the best fireworks performance in the world as fireworks spill sideward from Taipei 101 into the night sky.

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Hot Springs

Known as one of Taiwan’s best natural resources, hot springs are a must-visit when you are in Taiwan! More than one hundred hot springs have been discovered in Taiwan, located in different geological areas including plains, mountains, valleys, and oceans. Gain from unique health care benefits when soaking in the geothermal hot springs Taiwan is famous for. The springs help with alleviating stress, relieving weariness and improving blood circulation.

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